The Girls are 3 weeks old but I am going to talk about them at 2 weeks old

I really want to keep this updated so I am doubling down and going to make notes of what I remember last week.

The girls are starting to grow real feathers and loosing some of the fuzz, starting on wings then shoulders and tail.


I have plates for toddlers from Ikea that stack up and I have been raising the height of the waterer and feeder trying to keep the pine shavings out.  I am now three high on the feeder and use a medium pyrex bowl to raise the water.  I also put together a few large lego type toys for the girls to perch/jump on.


We also had a really nice day, mid 80s and sunny.  I put the girls outside in the coop for an hour and besides a few gust of wind they seemed to enjoy it.  I haven’t moved it off the deck yet.

girls first time outside with bean

That is Bean giving the a sniff.

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